Clinton imposes his tables in the first debate of the Democratic candidates to the White House

  • The former Secretary of State participated in the debate with the other four candidates of her party to be a candidate in the next presidential elections.
  • Clinton came out with questions about her emails and demanded a firm hand with Vladimir Putin and his performance in Syria.
  • They also highlighted Bernie Sanders, with a social democratic speech, and Martin O’Malley, with progressive betting on immigration.
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Hillary Clinton asserted her experience, dominated the scene and endorsed her favorite status in the first debate among aspiring Democrats in the 2016 presidential election, an event in which Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley gained credit with featured interventions.

Clinton, who appeared on the stage of the Convention Center of the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas (Nevada), with a confident and relaxed smile, did not lose that tranquility during the more than two hours of talk and won the audience with a solid speech and sign that left, at the same time, a couple of gestures full of closeness.

The American people are tired of hearing about your damn emails! First it was the clash of hands with Sanders after he asked for less media attention for Clinton’s problems with his e-mail (“The American people are tired of hearing about your damn emails!” Exclaimed the Democratic candidate). for which he will appear in the US House of Representatives. on October 22.


Shortly thereafter, his spontaneous refusal to debate with Lincoln Chafee on that controversy (“Do you want to answer?” Asked the moderator, Anderson Cooper. “No,” was Clinton’s cutting response, which provoked enormous applause from the audience) .

After the intonation of the American anthem by Sheryl Crow, the former Secretary of State started the debate promising to fight to reduce inequality in her country , as well as to raise the minimum wage and to be equal between men and women.

He also expressed his desire to grant families low paternity , whose concession still depends on the companies themselves and called for a new agreement with communities of color in the US to end racial tensions and the prison system, where they enter in greater proportion Black and Latino.

Sanders speech, champion of “democratic socialism”, opted for a “political revolution” and did not hesitate to ensure that the US Congress is not the one that regulates Wall Street corporations, ” but it is Wall Street that controls the Congress “.

It was wrong to ask the middle class to pay the Wall Street debt The senator stressed that the big corporations control the country’s policy despite the measures of the Government of President Barack Obama to regulate the financial system after the 2008 crisis.

It was wrong to ask the middle class to pay off Wall Street’s debt, ” added the senator, a strong supporter of strengthening laws to increase control in the US banking system.

“In an economy like ours it is wrong for 57 percent of new revenues to go to 1 percent of the population,” he added, referring to the poorest pockets, which also criticized for supporting election campaigns of the aspirants to the White House.

Sanders defended Snowden

In addition, Sanders defended the former CIA employee and the National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden for “educating” young Americans about their rights.

“He broke the law, but what he did to educate us must be taken into consideration, ” said Sanders, who promised that, if he were president, he would end the massive espionage programs that the NSA launched in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. -S.

Regarding immigration, it was the former governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley who made the most progressive proposals .

“We need to understand that our country is made of the arrival of new Americans, we are a nation of immigrants, ” said O’Malley, who advanced that would expand the scope of Obama’s executive actions, which currently benefit 5 of the 11 million undocumented people who live in the country.

As governor, O’Malley promoted a version of the “Dream Act” (a law that regularizes the situation of young undocumented immigrants) so that undocumented students in the state pay the same price for university fees as the rest of the student population.

All against the National Rifle Association

All against the National Rifle Association

On the other hand, Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley charged harshly against the powerful arms pressure group National Rifle Association (NRA).

“It’s time for the entire country to position itself against the NRA,” Clinton said. The three candidates coincided in highlighting the importance of implementing a comprehensive system of background checks to control in the hands of those who finish rifles and pistols.

In foreign policy, Clinton considered that the White House should “make it clear” to Russian President Vladimir Putin , who can not be in Syria to create “more chaos”, and distanced himself from the rest of the candidates by betting on the creation of “zones”. No-fly “in the Arab country.

The debate was completed by Jim Webb, who constantly brought out his military past, and Lincoln Chafee, who barely had time to intervene and was hesitant and uncertain in his answers.