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Windows 12: What to Expect, Leaks & Rumors - MyLegitKeys

I posted an article about Microsoft currently developing the next major version of Windows, code-named Hudson Valley. This version is expected to ship later this year as version 242, also referred to as the 2024 update. If you want more info regarding version 24 H2. Initially, it was expected that Microsoft would call this update Windows 12, as we’ve been speculating over the last year or so. However, at this stage, that seems to be just a rumor, and Microsoft is likely to label it as a major Windows 11 update, expected to be 2482. I mentioned “watch the space,” and now, with more information coming to light, there are hints that Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about Windows 12. It is suggested that Microsoft’s internal development branch is working on the next version of Windows, which could potentially be Windows 12 iso, although not confirmed.

Windows 12: What to Expect, Leaks & Rumors - MyLegitKeys

As many of you may know, The Insider program has different build numbers. The latest Canary Channel build is 2604, indicating that builds starting with 26 are expected to be our next annual feature update for Windows 11, mentioned as version 2482. Then, in the next month or so, possibly by the end of February, into March or April, we are expecting to see the moment the five-feature update roll out for Windows 11 23 H2. The difference between moment updates and annual updates is that a moment update does not increase the version; it only increases the point release on a build. As mentioned, the annual feature update will bump that up from 23 H2 to version 24 H2.

Now, with that out of the way, as many of you may know, although this is the official cutting-edge or bleeding-edge build, as Microsoft calls it, not everything Microsoft works on is made public immediately. There is a new internal branch, apparently, according to Xeno Panther over on X, who is a Windows Enthusiast. This new development branch has a build number of 27, indicating it could be Windows 12. The build number spotted internally at Microsoft is 27547. This indicates interesting developments, but at this stage, it’s only available internally at Microsoft, and it’s going to be quite some time before insiders can expect to get a build rolling out with 27 to the actual Insider program where they can start testing features.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Windows 12 iso download is not expected to be released, if it is going to be released, until 2025. This year, we are already set to receive the 24 H2 feature update, so if Microsoft does roll out Windows 12 iso download, it could be expected next year in 2025. As mentioned, the big release for this year will be the annual feature update Windows 11 24 H2, which is going to be a major update. Playlists for Windows 12 and 24 H2 will be on the end screen of this article if you would be interested. It seems that Microsoft may still be interested in rolling out Windows 12 iso, and once again, watch the space because, with Microsoft, as I’ve mentioned, only time will tell. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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