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Windows 12? Microsoft goes back to releasing new Windows every three years  - Neowin

Today, we’re taking a look at Windows 11 Build 26052. This build includes several notable changes and enhancements over the last public preview build that we demoed. This build has quite a few new things in it, so let’s waste no time diving straight in. The first notable changes are with Windows Co-pilot and how it integrates with the overall UX. Starting with this build, the Co-pilot icon down here is a little bit more animated. So, when you copy images or text, if we come down to an article here and copy this image, for example, you’ll see that the Co-pilot icon will animate. So there it is, animating into a picture, and if we hover over the icon, you’ll see that there’s now a little sort of context menu here that allows you to send the thing you’ve just copied to Co-pilot, explain the thing you’ve just copied, or if it’s an image, in this case, edit the image. So, if I ask the Co-pilot to explain the image I just copied, I can’t wait to see what it does. Oh, it doesn’t work. I think it normally does work anyway. What it would do is it would paste the image into Co-pilot like so, and I guess it would probably add an explain prefix to that. And, yeah, this is what it would do. So let’s see what happens here as it thinks about the image I’ve just sent it. It’s taking a while. I try not to edit out Co-pilot performance because Microsoft needs to learn that this is too slow. It provides shows three individuals wearing virtual reality VR headsets, their faces obscured for anonymity. Yeah, sure, okay, there we go. So that works. We can also do text, so let’s copy this text here, why not. Right-click and copy. There’s also a last Cil button there in Edge. Anyway, let’s assume this isn’t Edge, this is another browser and it doesn’t have a Co-pilot button. You can select copy and yep, you get a little pencil there. And once again, I can hover over that and I can ask it to summarize. And there we go, that time it works. So I can press send and it will summarize that short paragraph into something hopefully shorter. No, that’s almost just as long. What’s the point? Okay, you get the point though. You can copy media or text no matter where you are, whether it be within a browser or in a local app. So, we can even open, say, Notepad, for example, and do the same thing. We can have lots of text in here. Oh, this is some text, perfect copy. As you can see, the Co-pilot icon down here is ready to do something with the information that you’ve just copied, which is pretty nice.

Windows 12? Microsoft goes back to releasing new Windows every three years  - Neowin

Up next, if we jump into settings here and go down to system and developers, we will see a new feature called pseudo. Enable pseudo. I’ve already enabled this. It’s off by default because some security risks come with enabling it, at least according to Microsoft. But this enables the pseudo command. This is a command-line tool that allows you to run applications and things in an elevated state. This is a thing that’s on Linux, has been on Linux for quite a while, if not forever, and it’s now coming to Windows as well. And so it will do similar things to pseudo and Linux, probably not identical, I wouldn’t know, but here you go, we can run pseudo help, for example, and get all of the commands stuff it can do. I’m not going to dive into this because I don’t know what Pseudo does, but we can do pseudo run, for example, and an app of our choice, so Notepad.exe. And there we are, P Sudo is now running Notepad.exe, which is pretty fun. And you can also customize how it runs the applications, whether it be in a new window with input disabled or line, so that’s pretty cool.

Now, up next, in the registry editor, Microsoft has added another thing. It’s surprising whenever Microsoft updates a legacy app in Windows, but they do it quite a lot these days. So if we go to the find icon here, you’ll see there’s now a search and summary option, which is fun. Another notable change in this build is if we go to settings and go down to about, you’ll see that Microsoft has updated the version of this release to version 24 H2. Now, that’s not too surprising, but Microsoft has also confirmed, along with this change, that this release will be Windows 11 branded. There was some speculation that it might be a Windows 12 download, but no, it does appear that they’re sticking with the Windows 11 brand, and it will be Windows 11 version 24 H2 when it rolls out later this year. And you can see that down here, windows 12 iso download version 24 H2 confirmed, which is pretty nice. And that also shows up in Winver like so. If you are here, we can see Windows 11 version 24 H2, which is pretty cool. Also, this build is the first build that comes from the genre release branch. The previous builds were from the rsor prerelease branch. George’s release is the base branch, I guess, of the next major version of Windows, which will be Windows 11 version 24 H2. It’s great because the element GE is Germanian, which is the code name for the current semester and the name of the next platform release. A little bit confusing, but it doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that it will be Windows 11 version 24 H2 when it rolls out to you later this year if you’re not already testing it in the insider preview builds.

Up next, if we come down to Bluetooth and devices and go down to, I lied, it’s not in here, it’s in the system, we go down to sound, if I could find it, oh man, there’s a lot in here, there we go, sound, and then we go down to our input, we can go to our microphone here, and we can now test the microphone using different audio processing. This is part of a wider rollout of voice clarity, which was a machine learning AI feature that was exclusive to Surface previously, I think, or something like that, can’t remember, but it’s now rolling out to all Windows 11 PCs. And what it would do is block out background noise when you’re talking using a microphone, and you can now test that here as well. So if you want to start the test, we’ll go to, we’ll do default and see if there’s any difference. This is a test just to see how this microphone sounds, and I can play that back. Don’t know if you can hear that, I certainly can’t hear it, but let’s pretend you can. I’m going to cut this demo if you can’t hear it. Let’s do the test again, this time with the communications preset. This is a test once again to see if this sounds any better or worse. We can play that again to see if this sounds any better or worse. And who knows how that sounded? I can’t hear it, so hopefully, that sounded better or worse. I have no idea.

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